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Who holds us to account?

The Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire is responsible for holding the Chief Constable to account and ensuring that the best policing service possible is delivered to the people of North Yorkshire and the City of York.

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The North Yorkshire Police Authority was abolished on 22 November 2012 and replaced with one directly elected individual called a Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

Julia Mulligan is the elected Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire.

Whilst the Chief Constable retains independence regarding operational policing decisions, the PCC is responsible for ensuring that resources are used efficiently and effectively and will hold the Chief Constable to account.

The PCC sets the strategic direction of the service and sets performance targets after listening to local people about their views of the police. The PCC also sets the police budget and raises a precept on local council taxpayers. They can appoint and, where necessary, remove Chief Constables.

The balance of power and decision making between the PCC, the Chief Constable and also the Home Secretary is called the ‘tripartite’ system of governance which is unique to the British Police Service.

Further details of the decision making structure of the PCC can be found at the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire website. Throughout their site, specific details are given of how the PCC works and how she is accountable to local people for the police service.

Chief Finance Officer Protocol and Information Sharing Protocol between the Commissioners Chief Finance Officer and the Chief Constables Chief Finance Officer[pdf]