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Accidents/Injuries and Road Traffic Collison Statistics

The force, as a public authority, must publish various classes of information in our Disclosure Log. Here are the FOI requests and responses we have made since 1 April 2016. Older responses made prior to that date are also available in a different format.

Accidents reported in Chapel Haddlesey/A19 (FOI 278.2019-20)

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Request 1. Please could you send all information regarding any reported accidents in the Chapel Haddlesey area/A19 as far back as your records show. 2. As well as the number of fix penalty notices served for speeding in the area Response I am not obliged to provide you with a response to your request pursuant […]

Road traffic collisions – eye sight (833.2019-20)

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How many road accidents occurred (i.e where individuals were injured / at risk of injury) due to their eye sight / wrong eye prescription (i.e. contact lenses or glasses) between 2009 – 2019? If the data does not stretch that far back please share results from when they are available. Please break down the figures […]