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Operational policing

The force, as a public authority, must publish various classes of information in our Disclosure Log. Here are the FOI requests and responses we have made since 1 April 2016. Older responses made prior to that date are also available in a different format.

How many Authorised Firearms Officers you have in your force (811.2019-20)

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Request  Please can you provide me the following information under the Freedom of Information Act? 1. How many AFO’s you have in your force. 2. How many female AFO’s you have in your force. 3. Age groups of your AFO’s. 4. How many AFO’s you have over the age of 50 and their ages. Response  […]

Does NYP use mobile fingerprint technology (FOI: 265.2019-20)

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Request Is your force using currently, or has it previously used, mobile fingerprint technology as initially trialled by West Yorkshire Police (outlined here https://www.gov.uk/government/news/police-trial-new-home-office-mobile-fingerprint-technology)?  How many times have members of your force used this technology to scan people’s fingerprints?  How many times has a use of this technology resulted in a match using the IABS […]