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FOI disclosure log

The force, as a public authority, must publish various classes of information in our Disclosure Log. Here are the FOI requests and responses we have made since 1 April 2016. Older responses made prior to that date are also available in a different format.

FOI 1287.2017-18 NFA in relation to ill dog

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Request Relating to; https://www.nypkirbymisperton.org/news/two-men-arrested-suspicion-poisoning-dog-kirby-misperton/ https://www.nypkirbymisperton.org/news/update-no-action-connection-ill-dog/ 1. Was the dog taken to a veterinary surgeon? Who was that veterinary surgeon? 2. If yes to question 1, what was the vet’s diagnosis? 3. Were samples taken from the dog and has there been a toxicology report? 4. If ‘yes’ to question 3, what was the result? 5. […]

RE: NYP Article – No Action Three Men Arrested Kirby Misperton Fence Damage (FOI 1241.2017-18)

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Request: What was the disposal of ‘resisting police officer’ and ‘public order offence’ allegations arising from same incident  Link to; https://www.nypkirbymisperton.org/news/no-action-three-men-arrested-kirby-misperton-fence-damage/   Response: Extent and Result of Searches to Locate Information To locate the information relevant to your request searches were conducted within North Yorkshire Police. I can confirm that the information you have requested […]