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Gross misconduct outcomes

We publish details of gross misconduct allegations and outcomes against North Yorkshire Police officers.

Outcome of most recent misconduct hearing.

From the 11/06/2018 until the 13/06/2018 a misconduct hearing was held for PC1593 Christopher Parnell.

On the 13/06/2018 PC 1593 Parnell was dismissed without notice for breaching the following standards of professional behaviour:

  1. Authority, respect and courtesy;
  2. Orders and instructions;
  3. Duties and responsibilities;
  4. Confidentiality; and
  5. Discreditable conduct.

Please see the document at the bottom of this page for the full details in relation to the outcome of the hearing.

All Outcomes of previous misconduct hearings are held on the below spreadsheet

Previous Gross Misconduct Outcomes[xls] PC1593 Parnell - Misconduct Hearing Outcome[pdf]