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Gross misconduct outcomes

We publish details of gross misconduct allegations and outcomes against North Yorkshire Police officers.

Outcome of most recent misconduct hearing.


North Yorkshire Police Misconduct Hearing – 25th -27th August 2020

Former Police Constable Carl Icely – dismissed without notice.

Allegation 1
The panel concluded that this was a breach of the standard of professional behaviour ‘Honesty and Integrity’. The breach constituted gross misconduct.
Operational dishonesty was present in circumstances where the officer had attempted to mislead the Crown Prosecution Service by minimising the extent of his previous misconduct resulting in a final written warning. The office presented himself as the victim of the previous incident rather than accepting the misconduct proved against him in the previous proceedings.
This breach took place during the operational period of a final written warning.

Allegation 2
The panel concluded that the actions and words of the officer towards a highly vulnerable female breached the standard of professional behaviour, ‘Authority, Respect and Courtesy’. The breach constituted misconduct.
The breach involved a complete lack of respect towards an arrested person. The officer accepted that he had used offensive words to the arrested person, but considered this to be tactical use of language to de-escalate the arrested person’s behaviour.
The officer showed no insight into his behaviour or how his lack of respect towards members of the public could impact on public confidence in the police.

This breach took place during the operational period of a final written warning

All Outcomes of previous misconduct hearings are held on the below spreadsheet

Previous Gross Misconduct Outcomes[xls]