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Family Liaison Procedure

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Family liaison can be used across a broad spectrum of policing, e.g. an unexplained or violent death homicide, road death, mass fatality any other critical incident, or where family liaison might enhance the effectiveness of the police response, for example, a missing person enquiry or allegation of hate crime.   The aims of family liaison in general are to:

  • work with the family in order to investigate the murder or death of a loved one
  • analyse the needs, concerns and expectations of the family in order to identify all the relevant and realistic action that should be taken in the context of their human rights and the police professional obligations.

This procedure outlines the roles of Family Liaison Coordinators / Advisors (FLCs) and Family Liaison Officers (FLOs) within North Yorkshire Police (NYP); provide a framework for the selection, appointment, training, deployment and management of FLOs in NYP; provide formal management procedures for call-outs, deployment and debriefing of all FLOs.  The portfolio holder for Family Liaison within NYP will be a Detective Superintendent.

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