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Flexible Working Procedure

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The scope of these procedures apply to those eligible individuals of whatever rank or grade, who wish to work flexibly, either by;

• changing the number of hours they work
• keeping the same number of hours but altering the times at which they are worked
• or changing the location of the place of work, for example ‘homeworking’

This flexible working procedure is intended to supplement the existing procedures under the Working Arrangements and Flexibility Policy, and aim to provide both short term and/or longer-term facilities where the existing arrangements may be insufficient to cater for an individual’s circumstances or needs.

The benefits of flexible working arrangements include the opportunity to amend or alter working patterns to assist in meeting demand, efficiency savings, greater flexibility and improving diversity. This request can be for a variety of reasons laid out in the following paragraphs and these benefits are subject to the conditions set out in the following paragraphs.

This procedure gives employees / police officers the right to request flexible working arrangements. It in no way confers a right for those requests to be granted.

Flexible Working Procedure [] Last modified: March 15, 2019