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Graduated Fixed Penalties and Roadside Deposits Procedure

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The fixed penalty system for offences in respect of a vehicle is established by Part Three of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988, as amended.  This has now been supplemented by the Road Safety Act 2006 extending the legal framework in respect of the use of fixed penalties to include:

  • Issue of graduated fixed penalty notices (GFPNs) to persons committing certain commercial vehicle offences (overweight vehicles and exceeding driving hours)
  • Requiring immediate financial deposits from offenders who do not have a satisfactory UK address, whether they are resident or not,  either in respect of a fixed penalty for a motoring offence or as a form of surety where a traffic offence is to be dealt with by way of summons
  • Immobilise vehicles where a vehicle has been prohibited from continuing a journey, including cases in which a financial deposit has not immediately been made

GFPNs assist North Yorkshire Police (NYP) with its aim to reduce crime and the fear of crime and reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads by:

  • Reducing time officers spend dealing with paperwork and court attendance reducing the burden on the courts
  • Increasing the amount of time officers spend on operational duties
  • Providing a cost-effective method of dealing with a range of offences 

This procedure details the decision-making process to be followed when dealing with offences by way of graduated fixed penalty or roadside deposit.

As with all fixed penalty offences an officer will consider the circumstances of the offence when deciding whether to take no further action, give a verbal warning, issue a Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme (VDRS), complete a Road Traffic Offence Report (RTOR) or report for summons, bearing in mind any mitigating or exacerbating factors which may be present.  Police action should be seen to be fair, consistent and proportionate.

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