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Police Support Volunteer

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Policy Statement
NYP is committed to achieving safe, secure and confident communities in North Yorkshire and City of York. NYP will develop volunteering opportunities within the organisation to assist in achieving this vision, which will:

• support police officers and police staff in engaging with the community where appropriate
• encourage community participation in issues which directly affect them
• access an extensive pool of skills, talents, experience and local knowledge
• help deliver an improved customer focused service which meets local needs
• improve interaction between the police and local community
• increase the scope and diversity of people who engage with us
• enable the community to have a better understanding of what we do and how we do it
• encourage PSV’s to be ambassadors of NYP in their communities to increase citizen satisfaction

NYP will take into account the needs and expectations of all PSV’s. We will:

• make the process of volunteering as simple as possible
• develop a range of PSV’s tasks that take account of the skills or abilities people have and how much time they can commit to volunteering
• provide recognition and support to PSV’s and respect their status as volunteers
• provide training where necessary
• reimburse out of pocket expenses
• provide equal opportunities for citizens from all groups in communities including those from minority groups to become PSV’s

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