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Suspect Management Policy Procedure

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The NPCC has released pre-charge bail (PCB) and released under investigation (RUI) best practice guidance as the full impact and implications of the bail legislation is understood (s37 & s47 of PACE). This can be accessed on the following link: NPCC’s Operational Guidance for Pre-Charge Bail and Released under Investigation. This guidance in conjunction with an NYP internal audit conducted by RSM Risk Assurance LLP provides an opportunity to improve and regulate suspect management within NYP.

This policy therefore sets out the standards and expectations for the management of suspects subject to PCB, those RUI as well as those dealt with as Voluntary Attendees (VA). This policy aims to consolidate all policies in relation to suspect management as well as related procedures and guidance at both local and national level with the aim of improving the service that North Yorkshire Police (NYP) provides to victims as well as suspects. This policy contains links to guidance and procedure for suspect management along with the relevant templates required at each stage of the process.

NYP recognises the importance of dealing with victims and suspects who are affected by this legislation in a manner that has regard to dignity, respect and equality. The welfare and safeguarding of all affected must be the paramount consideration for police officers and staff. It is important remember that we retain a duty to safeguard those involved in an investigation, the integrity of the investigation itself and the wider public.

The aims of this policy are to ensure:

  • Local PCB, RUI and VA procedures are compliant with NPCC Guidelines as well as local policy and procedure.
  • Timely and appropriate administration of PCB, RUI and VA in line with the requirements of PACE and other relevant legislation.
  • Provide guidance to officers and staff using PCB, RUI and VA.
  • Roles and responsibilities in respect of PCB, RUI and VA management are clear, ensuring accountability and a corporate approach to suspect management; to incorporate the OIC and supervisor crime review process as well as custody management.
  • A rationale for RUI is fully documented and can withstand scrutiny in a similar manner to PCB and that vulnerable victims are safeguarded.
  • The objective of this policy is:
  • NYP to become a centre of best practice in respect of PCB, RUI and VA through Legislative and best practice guidance compliance.
  • Robust and corporate management of suspects.
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