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Procedure Statement

This procedure covers the use of all marked and unmarked vehicles owned, hired, leased or sponsored by North Yorkshire Police (NYP). This includes all Police Officers, Police Staff, members of the Special Constabulary, Police Community Support Officers, volunteers and colleagues from third party organisations utilising NYP vehicles, whether they be full-time, part-time or contracted. It also covers the use of private vehicles or any other vehicle that is used by an NYP employee or volunteer in connection with any NYP business

It is a fundamental requirement that all drivers of NYP vehicles, and private vehicles used in connection with NYP business, hold the necessary licence to drive that class of vehicle. It is the responsibility of individuals and line managers to ensure they fully satisfy the legal requirements to drive on UK roads.

Restrictions apply to the use of some vehicles according to their type, or their deployment. Similar restrictions may apply according to the age, driving qualification or employment status of the driver. Restrictions may also apply in relation to the need for specific authorisation of an individual to drive or use a vehicle of a particular type or for a specified reason.

All NYP employees who will drive a vehicle provided by NYP, or a private vehicle in connection with the business of NYP, MUST be authorised to drive vehicles of that specific category, class or description.

Any member of NYP who does not follow or apply this procedure may be subject to the appropriate misconduct procedure in relation to the breach of the respective Standards of Professional Behaviour applying to officers or police staff members

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