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Keeping our roads safe

Policing North Yorkshire's 6,000 miles of road is a big task. Here's how we achieve it.

Roads Policing(2)

We work 24-hours a day to keep road users safe across England’s biggest single-force county. We have dedicated policing teams that perform a wide range of road-based roles and tasks. We also work closely with residents to in communities across the county and other organisations which are dedicated to reducing casualties.

Working with you

There are several ways you can help us keep North Yorkshire’s roads safe.

Operation Spartan: Report bad driving or share dashcam footage
If you think you’ve seen someone driving dangerously, or have recorded it on your dashcam and want to show us the footage, click here.
Speeding in your community
Find out how to address concerns about speeding where you live here.
Keeping yourself safe
Discover some simple ways to stay safe on our roads here.


Working with other organisations

We work closely with 95 Alive, a partnership of local authorities, emergency services and other North Yorkshire agencies that work together to educate, inform and train. The overall aim is to reduce the number of road casualties across the county of North Yorkshire.

More information about the 95 Alive Road Safety Partnership can be found on its website.