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Help us keep our roads safe

Policing North Yorkshire's 6,000 miles of road is a big task. But we're committed to keeping the roads safe for all types of road user.

Roads Policing(2)

We all have a responsibility to ride and drive according to the speed limits, road conditions, weather and traffic situations.

We have 6000 miles of road in North Yorkshire, much of them which are remote, rural, and picturesque. Our job is to police these routes and ensure road users safety. To do this, we implement various operations and work alongside local communities and our partners, such as the 95 Alive Road Safety Partnership.

We work closely with 95 Alive, which is a partnership of local authorities, emergency services and other North Yorkshire agencies who work together to educate, inform and train, with the aim of lowering the number of road casualties across the county of North Yorkshire.

95 Alive partners are:

  • North Yorkshire Police
  • North Yorkshire County Council
  • North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue
  • City of York
  • Harrogate Borough Council
  • Scarborough Borough Council
  • Highways Agency
  • Yorkshire Ambulance Service
  • Yorkshire Air Ambulance

More information about the 95 Alive Road Safety Partnership can be found on their website.