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Sites and routes

Read about North Yorkshire Police’s safety camera deployment.

The data log is a record of North Yorkshire Police’s Safety Camera Van and Motorbike Deployment. The data log contains information such as date and location of enforcement along with our time on site. The data log states the classification of the site (please see our glossary below) and also provides a breakdown of the disposal outcomes of the offences captured during enforcement.


Data Log

Our Data Log shows the results of our work conducted by the Safety Camera Team.

The latest data (1st – 17th May 2019) is now available to view on the link below. You can also look back at all our previous Safety Camera deployments since 2013.

Safety Camera Data Log (1st – 17th May 2019)

The Data Log is updated every two weeks.




Data Log Glossary

Term Description
KSIR (Killed or Seriously Injured Route) These are routes/sites that have a high rate of collisions resulting in fatalities or serious injury.
KSIR – Biker/MC (Killed or Seriously Injured Route favoured by bikers) These are routes/sites used by motorcycles where there is a high rate of collisions and anti-social road use.
CC (Community Concern) These are routes/sites that have been identified through the Speed Management Protocol as being a concern for the community and deemed suitable for North Yorkshire Police Enforcement.
Proactive Led These are routes/sites that have been identified as the result of intelligence gathered.
DIST (Distraction site) These are routes/sites aimed at tackling offences such as mobile phone usage and driving whilst not wearing a seatbelt.
Site Name Location of the enforcement site
Area Local District Council
Time on Site This is the time the enforcement begins
Time off Site This is the time the enforcement ends
SAC (Speed Awareness Course) A speeding offence that falls into the initial speed bracket deemed suitable for a Speed Awareness Course (dependant on driver eligibility).
CO (Conditional Offer) An offence that cannot be dealt with by means of education will be offered a Conditional Offer
RFS (Report For Summons) An offence that can only be dealt with at a Magistrates Court
Other Offences All non-speeding offences, such as but not limited to mobile phone use and not wearing a seatbelt.