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What else do we do?

Read about Community Speed Watch, Speed Management Protocol and Collision Records.


Community Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch scheme was developed in response to feedback gathered through a public consultation run by the Police and Crime Commissioner in July 2014.  The feedback received through the consultation showed that four out of five residents were concerned about road safety in North Yorkshire, and that 72 percent of people felt that more should be done to improve road safety through enforcement or education.

The scheme was piloted between March and September 2015 and due to positive results and positive public response, the scheme now forms one part of North Yorkshire Police’s roads policing response.

The first scheme to officially launch in the region was in Pannal in September 2016 and since launch the group has seen some encouraging results

How the scheme works

If a community believes it has a problem with speeding, a site of concern can be reported via the speed concern report form on the North Yorkshire Police website. Submission of one single form is sufficient for a site to be assessed, multiple forms will not enhance or accelerate the process and may well delay any action being taken.

The speed concern will be acknowledged by North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau and will follow the process of the Speed Management Protocol. If the site is assessed as suitable for Community Speed Watch, the informant will be contacted by North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau and further information will be provided on the scheme

Fully trained community residents will then visit pre-approved sites with a radar to record the speed and registration number of offending vehicles. They will use the approved equipment to capture

  • Speed
  • Registration number
  • Colour of car
  • Make of car

The presence of the team and the equipment acts as a deterrent and will encourage road users to take more care in this area.

Anyone recorded to be speeding  (that is doing 24mph or more in a 20mph zone, 35mph or more in a 30mph zone or a 46mph or more in a 40 mph zone) will receive advisory letters from North Yorkshire Police to inform them of their offence and the need to address their driving behaviour.

North Yorkshire Police will also be keeping a close watch on the recorded data, and may take enforcement measures if a persistent or extreme offender is identified.

If you would like to join in a Community Speed Watch action near you, please email CommunitySpeedWatch@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

If you would like to report a speed concern, please follow the below links:

Download a Speed Concern Form

Speed Concern Form (Online Form)

Community Speed Watch Locations

We currently have 76 Community Speed Watch groups operating across the county in the following locations. These are run by group volunteer members in the community who have taken an active role to improve awareness and road safety in their area. Those captured speeding through the Community Speed Watch scheme will receive warning letters informing them of the details and asking them to be more aware of their speed in future.

Please click on the below link to download the full list of Community Speed Watch locations. This document was last updated 13/11/19.

Community Speed Watch Locations

Speed Management Protocol

The Speed Management Protocol has been designed to allow concerned members of the public to report a speeding problem they may have within their community.

SMP is made up of a number of agencies including (North Yorkshire Police, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, North Yorkshire County Council, Highways Agency and the Local Road Safety Tasking Group ) which work together to gather speed data within the reported location.

Once a speed concern is received into the Traffic Bureau, if the location is suitable, a request to the Fire and Rescue service will be made for a data logger to be deployed, a data logger is a small grey radar enabled box which is attached to a piece of street furniture i.e. a lamppost which monitors the speed of vehicles travelling along the road. It monitors both directions the traffic travels for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Where a road is deemed a ‘high speed’ road (60mph zone) this would be classed unsuitable for a Data Logger and therefore tubes can be requested from the local authority. These are two thin rubber-strips which are placed across the road to measure the speed by the time taken to enter and exit these two points and monitors the speed for the same amount of time as the data logger would.

Once the data is returned to us further investigations are then carried out by all agencies included within the partnership. This is to determine what action can be taken to reduce the speeds within the reported location, a decision is then made and the normal outcomes include enforcement, CSW (Community Speed Watch), Engineering (Matrix, speed bumps etc) or No Further Action, these outcomes all depend on the speeds recorded and also takes into account other factors for example speed related collisions.

Speed Management Protocol:

Speed Management Protocol

SMP Public Facing Report:

SMP Public Facing Report (uploaded 8th January 2020)

If  you would like any further information then please contact us on:

Email: SpeedConcerns@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

If you would like to report a speed concern, please follow the below links:

Download a Speed Concern Form

Speed Concern Form (Online Form)



Collision Records

The Collision Enquiries team liaise with insurance companies and solicitors to assist them with their claims following a collision.

This mainly involves disclosing a Collision Report which provides a summary of the circumstances, third party details of all drivers and contact details for injured pedestrians and cyclists, plus relevant statements and interviews and a sketch map of the scene.

Additionally we disclose CCTV, interview discs, and photographs where possible, and arrange interviews with the officers, and the outcomes of any subsequent prosecutions.

The availability of items and their fee can be advised by email or post. Please contact us at:

Email: CollisionEnquiries@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

Address: Collision Enquiries, North Yorkshire Police, Athena House, Kettlestring Lane, York YO30 4XF.