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Frequently asked questions

All cadets will be Foundation Cadets for the first two years. Those that progress beyond two years will become Senior Cadets. There will be opportunity to progress through the rank structure from cadet to Deputy Team Leader Cadet and Team Leader Cadet.

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How often do cadets meet?

The unit will meet weekly during term time for training. This will be on a mid-week evening for two hours. You will also be involved in some activities at weekends and during school holidays.

Will I get the chance to go inside police stations?

You will have opportunities to visit police stations under the supervision of your cadet leaders.

How much does it cost?

Cadets are asked for a weekly training night subscription of £2. This will be used to cover some basic running expenses and will also be used to subsidise social events and transport to special events. If a cadet has particular financial difficulties, a resolution can be discussed through the local leaders.

Will I wear a uniform?

Yes, it comprises of:

  • Trousers and a polo shirt
  • Fleece jacket
  • Cap
  • High-visibility jacket

Uniform is provided free on successful completion of a 12-week induction period, but you will need to provide your own black leather shoes.

 What is expected of me as a cadet? 

As a cadet you will be expected to turn up smart and promptly for training and duties. You will be expected to do your best to serve the communities of North Yorkshire and The City of York, and to treat others fairly and with respect. We will also expect high standards of behaviour. Above all though, we want you to learn, have fun, try your best and enjoy your experience of being a cadet with North Yorkshire Police.

Your career within cadets?

All cadets will leave the scheme either on their 18th birthday, or if in full time education at the end of the academic year in which they become 18 years old. Those who leave aged 18 will be encouraged to consider becoming an adult Cadet Leader, or to consider other volunteering opportunities within North Yorkshire Police.

Will I be going out on police patrols?

No. Full operational police duties can be unpredictable and carry risk. For health and safety reasons it is not possible for cadets to take part in normal front-line policing duties, however cadets are expected to assist at a variety of police community events and with crime prevention initiatives.

Will it help me join the police when I am older?

Being a Volunteer Police Cadet will give you a good insight into policing, however it is not a direct path to joining the police.