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Police Officer

Policing, a job like no other - why should you join?

Joining the police is life-changing. Not just for you, it will also change the lives of everyone you help.

Ask any of our officers and they will say it will give you some of the best and proudest days of your life, from protecting the vulnerable to saving lives – it’s exciting, diverse and vitally important.

You’ll work shift pattern of nights, lates and earlies, four days on four days off in a fast-paced 24/7 environment where no two shifts will be the same.

From being the first on the scene and making arrests, you will investigate a wide range of crimes such as burglaries and assaults, going that extra mile to ensure the best chance of securing a conviction.

However, it’s not all ‘blues-and-twos’. It’s protecting the vulnerable when they need you most. It’s being a shoulder to cry on and a reassuring face. It’s working in partnership with our communities in North Yorkshire to make a real difference and improve their quality of life, making them feel safe and protected.

Throughout your career you’ll have opportunities to progress through the ranks and specialise in any area of policing that interests you the most be that as Detective or in Roads Policing, Firearms, Major Crime, Safeguarding, Counter Terrorism or our Rural Taskforce.

You’ll be tested and face some of the most difficult situations you can think of however, you will always be supported – we are a family.

It will take you beyond your own expectations and give you more variety, challenge and reward than you could ever expect from any other career.

This is the job.

Thinking of joining us?

It’s important that you take the time to consider all of the information available about the role of a police officer, and make the important decision about whether the role is right for you.

We are not currently accepting applications to become a Police Constable. In the meantime, you can register your interest by clicking here, and we will get in touch when recruitment launches.


Guidance notes for completing your application form to North Yorkshire Police[pdf]