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Police Officer

Policing, a job like no other – why should you join?

Joining the police is life-changing. Not just for you, it will also change the lives of everyone you help.

Ask any of our officers and they will say it will give you some of the best and proudest days of your life, from protecting the vulnerable to saving lives – it’s exciting, diverse and vitally important.

You’ll work shift pattern of nights, lates and earlies, four days on four days off in a fast-paced 24/7 environment where no two shifts will be the same.

From being the first on the scene and making arrests, you will investigate a wide range of crimes such as burglaries and assaults, going that extra mile to ensure the best chance of securing a conviction.

However, it’s not all ‘blues-and-twos’. It’s protecting the vulnerable when they need you most. It’s being a shoulder to cry on and a reassuring face. It’s working in partnership with our communities in North Yorkshire to make a real difference and improve their quality of life, making them feel safe and protected.

Throughout your career you’ll have opportunities to progress through the ranks and specialise in any area of policing that interests you the most be that as Detective or in Roads Policing, Firearms, Major Crime, Safeguarding, Counter Terrorism or our Rural Taskforce.

You’ll be tested and face some of the most difficult situations you can think of however, you will always be supported – we are a family.

It will take you beyond your own expectations and give you more variety, challenge and reward than you could ever expect from any other career.

This is the job.

Why join North Yorkshire Police?

There’s something special about working for North Yorkshire Police. If you decide to join our policing family, here’s what you can expect:

Who can join?

There are various ways to join us, depending on your work, life and educational experience. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, cultures and experiences – the more our workforce truly represents the communities that we serve, the stronger we become.

Whether you are just starting out in your career or are a more experienced and mature individual looking for your next challenge, this is your police force, please come and join us.


You don’t need a degree to join.

With a Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) you can earn and learn on the job through our new partnership with The Open University. We will be recruiting officers in this way soon – in the meantime you can register your interest here and we’ll be in touch as soon as we’re accepting applications.

Or if you want to get a degree before you join, some universities offer a specific pre-joining degree. If you wish to become a police officer through this route, you should search for a university offering the Professional Policing Degree. You can then apply as your degree is coming to an end.


Many graduates join the police through the non-graduate routes outlined above, but there are also some specific routes tailored to those with a degree.

Through our new partnership with The Open University you can follow a two-year work-based training programme supported by off-the-job learning. With the Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP) you’ll earn a graduate diploma in professional policing practice once you’ve completed your probation. We will be recruiting officers in this way soon – in the meantime you can register your interest here and we’ll be in touch as soon as we’re accepting applications.

Alternatively, Police Now offers two-year national leadership development programmes, specifically developed for graduates.

Career changers

We want to bring new perspectives, skills and experience into policing. If you already have a proven track record of exceptional leadership and managerial skills in another field, you may wish to apply for a Direct Entry route into the more senior ranks.

The two-year Inspector programme is aimed at senior managers, while those working at an executive or director level can apply for the 18-month Superintendent scheme. To find out more about applying, visit the Lead Beyond website.

Former officers

Rules which used to mean that former officers re-joining the police must do so within five years no longer apply. You can re-join no matter how long ago you left – your skills and experience will be highly valued.

That means we’re now in a position to allow you to re-join at a higher rank based on experience gained outside policing. We don’t currently have vacancies through this route however if you think this is something that may be of interest in the future, please register your interest here and we’ll be in touch as soon as we do.

The College of Policing is also leading a project with several forces aimed at staff who left detective or investigative roles for care-giving reasons. Visit Return-to-investigative-practice for further information.

Police volunteers and staff

You may already be working in a police staff role or as a volunteer, or have previously volunteered for a police force. Your commitment and contribution will be recognised. If you would like to join us as paid officer please speak to someone in Talent & Resourcing.

Register your interest

We will be recruiting police officers soon – in the meantime you can register your interest here and we’ll be in touch as soon as we’re accepting applications.