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Career opportunities for Police Officers

While many officers prefer to spend the majority of their careers on patrol, others opt to transfer to more specialist areas of work or progress up the ranks.

Career Opportunities

At North Yorkshire Police we offer a wide range of specialisms which you will be eligible to apply for following the successful completion of your probation.. These roles are popular and there is strong competition for them.

Police Dog Handlers

Our dog handlers and their dogs work as a team. The dogs assist with catching criminals, searching buildings and policing large crowds, such as those at York Races or the Great Yorkshire Show. They are often trained to find drugs or explosives.

Traffic Police

Our roads policing officer’s duties include tackling vehicle crime. They ensure road safety by enforcing traffic laws such as those relating to speeding and drink driving. They also deal with road accidents and help road users.

Firearms Support Unit

This is our specialist team trained in the use of firearms who assist with dangerous operations.

Detective career pathway

More information about becoming a Detective can be found here.

Fraud Investigation Units

We all bear the cost of fraud in our insurance premiums or in the higher cost of products. Many forces have fraud investigation units and they assist each other. Our fraud officers work with the Serious Fraud Office, a government department set up to investigate large-scale fraud.



Once you have completed your probation period you can also consider entering the promotion process for the rank of sergeant.