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Detective Career Pathway

Upon completion of the 2 year probationary period, Constables are given the opportunity to develop their career to become a Detective.

One of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in Policing is that of a Detective. The role of a Detective involves:

  • Investigating serious, complex and volume crime offences

  • Using both traditional methods and new technology to identify suspects and secure evidence

  • Delivering justice for vulnerable victims

  • Locking up the most dangerous criminals

All Detectives must first and foremost be good Police Officers. North Yorkshire Police do not currently run a ‘Direct Entry’ Detective Programme, however we do have a number of initiatives designed to identify potential future Detectives from an early stage and support those officers through their initial 2-year training programme to a potential ‘streamlined’ entry onto our Trainee Detective Constable Pathway. For Officers who demonstrate outstanding potential this could take place soon after completing their Student Officer portfolio at week 90, others may take longer; becoming an expert investigator is something which requires commitment and professionalism and is not to be rushed!

There are a number of Detective roles within North Yorkshire Police available for officers to develop both laterally and towards promotion; the entry point for all Trainee Detectives is our Investigation Hubs and/or CID teams.

An illustration of the Trainee DC Pathway and some of the substantive Detective roles and units in NYP is shown below. Please note the model shown is only an illustration of how a Detective’s career could develop: there are a number of different paths your career could take.