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What are we looking for in a Police Officer?

We welcome applications from individuals from all backgrounds who can demonstrate how they inspire and influence those around them; are courageous and show compassion to others, who respect race and diversity and treat people with dignity and respect at all times. Click the drop-down boxes below to find out what we’re looking for in new recruits.

Code of Ethics

We are seeking applications from individuals that are able to display the right values in accordance with the Code of Ethics and our organisational values; courage, compassion and inspiration.


Under the new entry requirements, you will need to hold the following qualifications prior to applying for the following training programmes:

  • Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) – Level 2 in English Language and Mathematics.
  • Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP) – Level 6 qualification (Honours Degree; Third Class and above)

The Competency and Values Framework

The skills required to perform the role of a Police Constable are supported and assessed through The Competency and Values Framework.  This sets out nationally recognised behaviours and values, which will provide a consistent foundation for a range of local and national processes. The framework ensures there are clear expectations of everyone working in policing.


The four key values that we are looking for in a police officer are:

  • Integrity
  • Impartiality
  • Public Service
  • Transparency


Throughout our recruitment process we’ll take you through a number of strengths based assessments, which are designed to measure your natural engagement and motivation, which are just as important as capability when it comes to creating the best fit between you and the role you have applied for. The strengths based assessment is designed to understand what energises and motivates you, as well as what you do well.

Throughout the recruitment process, we’ll be looking for candidates to demonstrate the following strengths:

  • Community service
  • Accountability
  • Collaborative
  • Problem solving
  • Remain calm and optimistic
  • Dealing with change

Key skills

Candidates should possess the following key skills:

  • Effective communication – communicates all needs, instructions and decisions clearly. Adapts the style of communication to meet the needs of the audience.
  • Community and customer focus – sees things from the customer’s point of view and encourages others to do the same. Builds a good understanding and relationship with the community that is served.
  • Personal responsibility – takes personal responsibility for own actions and for dealing with issues or problems that arise.
  • Resilience – remains calm and confident, and responds logically and decisively in difficult situations.
  • Problem solving – gathers information from a range of sources to understand situations, making sure it is reliable and accurate. Identifies risks and considers alternative courses of action to make good decisions.
  • Respect for race and diversity – understands other people’s views and takes them into account. Treats people with dignity and respect at all times no matter what their background, status, circumstances or appearance.
  • Team working – works effectively as a team member and helps build relationships within the team.