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Recruitment process

We have a recruitment process, managed by our Human Resources department, for all vacancies at North Yorkshire Police.

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Application form

Police Officers, PCSOs, Police Staff, Transferee, Special Constables and Volunteers

Our application form requires some personal information, reference details and reasons for applying. There are also some competency based questions which relate to activities and behaviours stated in the role profile. We look for real-life examples of situations applicants have previously had to deal with.

All applications will undergo shortlisting process to assess their suitability for progression.

Assessment centre

Special Constables and PCSOs

Following the familiarisation event candidates will be invited to attend a National Recruit Assessment Centre at Police Headquarters. Candidates will need to achieve at least a 55% score in their assessment to pass at this stage.

Assessment Centre Process

Medical assessments

Police Officers, PCSOs, Transferee and Special Constables

A medical assessment will review your health and confirm whether it is safe for you to become a Police Officer. Prior to your appointment you will need to complete a set of forms which require visits to your opticians and GP to obtain information.

Hair and urine samples will be sent to a laboratory for substance abuse screening. Hearing and spirometry tests will also be done.

If you are concerned of any medical conditions, visit the website national medical standards for Police Officers.

Fitness tests

Police Officers, PCSOs, Transferee and Special Constables

A minimum standard of reaching level 5.4 on a 15 metre bleep test must be achieved in an endurance shuttle run. To become a Police Officer, your Body Mass Index must be under 30. The NHS has a tool which will calculate your Body Mass Index.

A biometric vetting appointment will be made to take fingerprints and DNA which will be saved and assessed against the national police databases.

Pre-employment checks, vetting, references and sickness absence

Police Officers, PCSOs, Police Staff, Transferees and Special Constables

Every candidate will be subject to security vetting checks and your application may be withdrawn if you have a criminal offence. All declared offences will be judged on a case-by-case basis and if you are concerned that a past conviction may affect your application please contact HR to discuss.

If you have any outstanding County Court Judgments (CCJs), an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), or declared bankrupt you will not be eligible to apply.

We will contact your employers and character referee for a reference and sickness absence records to cover a two year period.

Any tattoos that can be considered offensive or inappropriate may stop your application from progressing and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Holding list, unconditional offer and starting with North Yorkshire Police

Police Officers, PCSOs, Transferee and Special Constables

If you have successfully managed to reach this far in our application process you will remain on our holding list for up to twelve months and considered for upcoming vacancies in our force area.

Application Guidance[pdf]