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Neil Williams

I’m Neil Williams and I am a Special Chief Inspector for the York and Selby area. My day job is a Rescue Officer, working as a member of the Kellingley Mines Rescue Team.

I am responsible for the day to day running of the Rescue Station as well as being on call to respond to underground mining and surface hazard incidents. I ensure that all of the breathing apparatus and ancillary equipment is maintained and ready for use. My role also involves the preparation and carrying out practice rescues for all station staff and 42 part time rescuers. Each member of the team has to undertake six practices each year.

Before joining the Specials I’d applied to join as a regular officer in South Yorkshire, without success. However, when my job moved from Doncaster to Kellingley, North Yorkshire Police were recruiting Special Constables and I took the opportunity to join. I thought that I could make a real difference to the community where I lived and being relatively new to the area it was an opportunity for me to meet other people and make friends.

I particularly enjoy engaging with the community where I work. I am proud to lead a dedicated and efficient team of officers who tackle local issues in the area to make the quality of life better for the community. Liaising with senior management I organise resources into hot spot areas and run local events within the district.

After all the years of being a police officer, I can honestly say I enjoy the job just as much now as when I first started, my enthusiasm has never waned and I’m still as passionate now as I was when I went out on my first patrol. Anyone who knows me will say that I lead from the front, set high standards for myself and for others to follow. I have forged great links with fellow Special Constables, regular officers and supervisors alike.

For anyone who is thinking about joining the Special Constabulary, all I can say is, if you do join you won’t regret it!