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All Special Constables must successfully complete training courses before being posted to a Police Station to work as part of a response team. Our Training department are currently reviewing the Special Constable training programme, but we will update candidates as and when any changes are made.

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Initial training

Special Constable Students are required to take approximately thirty days of initial training over a five month period. Training days include a variety of Saturday and Sunday sessions along with one full week between Monday to Friday.

Training will cover every element of policing and will be delivered through classroom based sessions, online self-directed learning and various practical activities.

During the initial training the Student Officer Learning Assessment Portfolio (SOLAP) will be introduced, this is a comprehensive portfolio that quantifies the learning and skills of a student officer.

Accompanied patrol

New Special Constables will work as part of a response team where they will be supervised by an experienced constable and receive on-the-job training and guidance on the practical application of their knowledge. Officers will also be required to attend six further training sessions on a weekend to complete their initial training.

During accompanied patrol new officers will continue to work through their SOLAP with their Specials Sergeant. This will usually last until week 60 of service, and once successfully completed the officer will be certified for Independent Patrol.

Independent patrol

Following tutorship, Special Constables will continue to work their probation in a response team at their posted station for two years where they will eventually become eligible to apply for specialist positions and portfolio roles across a variety of departments such as Roads Policing and Police Support Unit.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training

All Special Constables will be required to attend a CPD session once a month on a weekday evening; there are multiple dates and locations available to provide flexibility and options.