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Welcome to Pinki's special blog

Paramjit Bilkhu - also known as Pinki - a 32-year-old retail store manager from Leeds is currently training to be a special constable with North Yorkshire Police.

Pinki will be sharing her experiences through an online blog as she goes through the demanding training schedule required to become a special constable.

Pinki applied to become a special in January 2016 and her training began in October 2016.


She said: “Becoming a special constable is something I have wanted to do for a very long time however, I felt it was the never the right time. I feel now is the right time and I wanted to take this opportunity and not let it pass me by.

“I am looking forward to being out in the community and making a positive difference, being out of my comfort zone and being challenged. Knowing that each day will be different is exciting.

“I think juggling everyday life along with being a special will be a challenge in itself, however this is something I am looking forward to. Being a retail manager I know all too well how important organisation and effective time management is, and of course investing in a good diary is key!!”

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Special Constable Paramjit Bilkhu