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Priorities and action

Protecting Vulnerable People

Harrogate Safer Neighbourhood Team has officers dedicated to protecting vulnerable people, especially young people who are at risk of being exploited.


Members of the team have received additional training to ensure that they can pro-actively tackle issues and support victims and families. Officers are also working with the Fire Service to visit vulnerable elderly people, to ensure that they are safe in their homes.

Criminal damage

Officers have been dealing with an increase in criminal damage, especially to vehicles in the Woodfield and Granby areas.


Extra patrols have been conducted by officers who have now identified a number of suspects. Action has been taken against the suspects, including a number of arrests.

Tackling criminals

Over the past year warrants have been executed, targeting those people whose criminal activity harms the community most.


Drugs and cash have been seized from a number of addresses and suspects are being dealt with for money laundering and drugs offences.