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Priorities and action

Protect vulnerable people

Through long standing relationships with local partner agencies we work together to identify and  support the vulnerable people in our communities.


A partnership hub with Selby District Council has recently been developed, to allow a streamlined process with our partnerships and to allow the sharing of information so vulnerable people in need can be correctly identified and provided with help at the earliest opportunity.

Reduce anti- social behaviour

We work alongside partneragencies to reduce incidents of anti-social behaviour within Selby town centre, to improve the quality of life for people living in and visiting the town.


We are working to establish activities for young people who may become involved in anti-social behaviour, to prevent them becoming criminalised. The team will be running specific operations throughout the year to target this and media coverage will follow when appropriate to update the public about this.

Where appropriate, we utilise the powers provided by Anti Social Behaviour legislation in order to secure Criminal Behaviour Orders and civil injunctions against those that continue to cause disruption and harm within the community.

Reduce criminal damage

During the last year there has been a rise in reports of criminal damage across the town, some which is linked to the rise in anti-social behaviour.


These vary in terms of the method but most recently we have seen a rise in damage caused by fires. Working with partners, including the fire service we are reducing the opportunities for these types of crime and sharing information to ensure all investigative opportunities are taken.

Regular high visibility patrols target those targeted areas and plans are in place to implement other methods with the aim to detect and deter.

The use of CCTV and monitoring equipment has been increased and  targeted operations which will utilise plain clothes police officers have been implemented.

Reduce Burglary – non dwelling

There has been an increase in burglaries in non-dwelling premises particularly sheds on allotments and garages/outbuildings.


To combat non dwelling burglaries the team have been and will continue to target this type of crime by running specific evenings of action.

Working with property owners,  we provide security advice where appropriate.

One of the difficulties in detecting this type of crime is the difficulty in identifying stolen property, due to the often generic details of property stolen. In a bid to address this, our property marking equipment (Dot Peen) is utilised at road-shows, events and where possible, individual needs, for example if a number of items require marking, we can arrange that directly with the property owner.

We continue to encourage the public to have all types of property marked; from the generic garden spades and forks to the more expensive items such as cycles and golf clubs.

This is a free of service charge which results in each piece of property then becoming unique marked and identifiable.