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Priorities and action

Burglary Dwellings

Burglary Dwelling in Craven has increased significantly over the past 3 years from 49 offences in 2013/14 to 72 offences in 2014/15, and 124 offences reported in 2015/16 this is an increase of 72.2%. The areas along the West Yorkshire border have seen the largest increases


We have created a bespoke operation called Veneer to address the increase in Burglary. Operation Veneer has a number of strands including, local officers being deployed to the south of the District when not attending incidents, Force resources such as Neighbourhood Support teams, Road Crime team, Dogs, Firearms and Roads Policing units all actively deployed to the Craven area regularly. Use of mobile intelligence assets such as ANPR equipment. Use of Technical equipment deployed in ‘hot-spot’ locations.  Action alongside partners such as trading standards and Neighbourhood Watch.

We have also raised the minimum standards of investigation for Dwelling Burglary with 100% attendance by officers and CSI at all scenes use of a standardised burglary pack which includes giving victims welfare support as well as practical advice on prevention. Operation Veneer also ensures that the message of prevention and recognition of the problem is at the forefront of our messages to the public and this is done through our Community Messaging system as well as media including Social Media.


Domestic Abuse

Reports of domestic abuse have increased during the past 12 months and this is commensurate with increases in both Violence with and Violence without injury. Violence with Injury has increased by 58.3% and Violence without Injury has increased by 43.1% against 2014/15.


Work has been undertaken to establish whether the increases are based against a very low reporting year in 2014/15  or whether other factors have affected the figures.  It is the case that during 2014/15 the figures were considerably lower but based against a 3 year comparison both violence categories have increased.

We are working with partners through he Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC), supporting the Independent Domestic Abuse Service and the Police and Crime Commissioners work with supporting victims. Domestic Abuse can also include Forced Marriage, So-called Honour Based Abuse as well as Stalking and Harassment. Joint activity is taking place with minority groups and educational establishments to give a consistent message and ensure that the children and young adults are given the appropriate tools to deal with abusive relationships.