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Special initiatives

We host a variety of special initiatives which not only allow us to engage with our community but to also help towards our priorities.

Operation Avocado is a winter campaign run during November to December to educate drivers with regards to basic vehicle maintenance during the winter months.

Operation Eyeball is a Christmas campaign which has run a number of years in villages south of Easingwold. Residents from each villages patrol the village on foot between 1800hrs and 2100hrs. This is to try and prevent tea time burglaries on the run up to Christmas.

Operation Appeal works in partnership with Thirsk Auction Mart once a month at the Fur and Feather Auction. This is to try and combat stolen property from all over the North East being put through the Auction. Over the past few years there has been a large quantity of stolen items recovered including a land rover and two Ivor Williams trailers.

We work closely with Hambleton South Neighbourhood Watch to help set up Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in the Thirsk and Easingwold area. To get more information on the neighbourhood watch schemes in the area visit the Hambleton South Neighbourhood Watch website.

Our pub watch scheme works with licenses to reduce night time economy issues. In Jan 2016 there are 32 people banned from pubs in Thirsk.

Our shop watch scheme works in conjunction with the North Eastern Retail Crime Partnership to reduce retail crime.