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Contact the team

You can contact the team via email at SNAyorkcity@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk. or to speak to an Neighbourhood team member about an on going cases ring 101, selection option 2 and dial in the team members collar number, shown below before their name.

For all other enquires please ring 101 and selection option 1 and always report crime through either 101 or in emergencies through 999.

Nick Plumb

Sgt 215 215 Nick Plumb

Nick has been on the neighbourhood team since 2014 where he started as a PC and was promoted to Sergeant after successully passing his exam and interview. Nick is currently a trained Police Tactical Advisor for large events such as the races and football. He has responsibility for delivering Project Servator across the city which raises community awareness and increases partnership working to keep the city safe. He is also responsible for the day to day running of the city centre Neighbourhood team.
Ben Pepper

PC 1867 1867 Ben Pepper

Ben has 11 years policing experience with North Yorkshire Police and has served the majority of his service on a Neighbourhood Team. Ben is currently involved with Project Servator as well as issues in the city centre where he identifies problem solving strategies.
Frances Myers

PC 1774 1774 Frances Myers

Franky has 8 years service as a PC, with two years on Neighbourhood Teams around the city. Franky has a wealth of knowledge with both urban and suburban beats under her belt. Before joining as a PC, Franky was a PCSO and so has extensive experience with neighbourhood problem solving.
Mark Grimes

PC 921 921 Mark Grimes

John Armstrong

PC 291 291 John Armstrong

Joined North Yorkshire Police in 2007 as a PCSO. John has covered various different areas of York including Huntington & New Earswick and Westfield wards. John became a Police Constable in 2014 as a response officer covering the north side of York before joining the York City Neighbourhood Policing team in November 2017.
Grenville Dowson

PCSO 5552 5552 Grenville Dowson

I have worked as a PCSO for 12 years which most has been in the city centre. I have a passion for cycle theft and enjoy returning cycles to their rightful owners when possible. I cover just about anything and everything working in the City centre sometimes getting involved in the strangest incidents. I have built a good knowledge of people and places in the city and have a great rapport with the businesses and people visiting the city. Often I can be found working with other agencies such as the street Rangers, Council NEO’s, Make It York and the store and bar security. I really enjoy my job and hopefully I'm here to stay so I can continue to build bridges with businesses and people and promote NYP in a good light
Jennifer McLaughlin

PCSO 5742 5742 Jennifer McLaughlin

I have been a PCSO for over ten years now. I have mostly been based in the city centre during this time. I love helping people, even giving directions!
Carlos Archer

PCSO 5071 5071 Carlos Archer

Carlos has 19 months service as a PCSO for North Yorkshire Police. He is based within York City Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team. Previously from a Retail and Sales background, Carlos has a large knowledge of York City Centre and Suburban York. Carlos works closely with York’s homeless population, and liaises with partner organisations frequently. Working closely and building links with the residents of Walmgate ward.
Richard Bolland

PCSO 3566 3566 Richard Bolland

Police Community Support Officer covering the York inner area
Jonathan Hield

PCSO 3507 3507 Jonathan Hield

Police Community Support Officer covering the York inner area
Kayleigh Rae

PCSO 6606 6606 Kayleigh Rae

Kayleigh has been a PCSO for little over 8 years and before joining the City team she worked the Clifton area for four years. Due to this Kayleigh has a lot of experience working with communities and businesses over her career, with this extensive knowledge of working different area’s Kayleigh had great experience with problem solving plans. Kayleigh is also highly passionate about keeping people safe and is more than happy at delivering crime prevention advice to her community and is one of our Crime prevention champions for the York area, which also entails Kayleigh to complete crime prevention surveys for properties and businesses.
Chris Shearing

PCSO 3523 3523 Chris Shearing

Rob Weatherley

PCSO 3680 3680 Rob Weatherley

Rob has just over 1 years’ service, he is one of the newest to the York City Neighbourhood Policing Team and was previously a part of the Community Safety Support Team
Julian Ward

PCSO 3611 3611 Julian Ward

Julian has 4 years service as a PCSO for North Yorkshire Police. Julian is based within the York City Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team. Julian has previously worked in the York inner and York outer teams, most of his service has been dedicated to the Walmgate area of York