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101 officers plan special weekend

Last modified: 9 June 2016 at 02:06pm

92 Special Constables including 35 trainees from North Yorkshire Police will take to the streets this weekend joining thousands of others across the country for the National Special Constabulary Weekend.

Another 13 will also be completing their officer safety training.

The volunteer officers will support their regular colleagues across all areas of North Yorkshire as well as leading their own independent operations targeting priorities in their neighbourhoods.

The National Specials Weekend – organised to promote the work of Specials in local communities – will run from Friday 5 June to Sunday 7 June 2015.

Chief Constable Dave Jones of North Yorkshire Police, said: “Special Constables are a vital part of the policing family. This weekend will give us an opportunity to showcase the work of specials and their valuable contribution to policing. We have a strong history of volunteering at North Yorkshire Police and I am extremely proud of our professional and committed Special Constabulary.  Free time is very valuable, especially with today’s busy lifestyles and I would like to thank both the officers and their families for the sacrifices they have made, giving up their own time to support policing in North Yorkshire.”

‘Specials’, as special constables are known, play a key role in local policing and have the same powers in law as regular police officers, including the power of arrest. However, the role of Specials can also extend into more complex areas of policing.

Specials come from all walks of life – they are teachers, taxi drivers, accountants and secretaries, or any number of other careers – and they all volunteer a minimum of four hours a week to their local police force, forming a vital link between the regular (full-time) police and the local community.

4 June 2015

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