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164 cars checked during tyre safety operation in Northallerton

Last modified: 16 October 2020 at 07:15pm

Police were out in Northallerton High Street on Friday (16 October) to remind drivers about the importance of tyre safety.

Officers engaged with 164 motorists as part of TyreSafe’s annual Tyre Safety Month campaign.

The campaign takes place every October and is used to advise and encourage drivers to make sure that they regularly check their tyres for any damage, wear or deflation that could potentially put their safety or the safety of other road users at risk. They aim to highlight the importance of correctly maintained tyres and how they can reduce collisions across Britain.

As tyres are the only part of your vehicle that come into contact with the road, tyres are an important feature that can affect your car’s acceleration, the effectiveness of your breaking and steering so the correct maintenance of these is essential for the safety and performance of your vehicle.

Police check tyres on Northallerton High Street

Officers were engaging with the public during the event to raise awareness for drivers to check their tyres for things such as tread depth, air pressure and the condition of their tyres in order to ensure that these are of an acceptable standard.

During the checks 164 motorists were spoken to and had their tyres checked at the roadside, the vast majority were safe and compliant with, but a minority were not and resulted in:

  • 3 Traffic Offence Reports being issued
  • 1 Advisory notice was issued
  • 15 people were given words of advice in relation to the condition of their tyres

As vehicles can have their own requirements depending on the make and model of the vehicle drivers are advised to check their manufacturer’s handbook for details or to visit a local tyre dealer or specialist for advice.

For further information on Nation Tyre Safety Month please visit www.tyresafe.org or www.treadbuddy.co.uk.

Police check tyres on Northallerton High Street

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