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18 sheep killed in shocking suspected dog attack near Northallerton

Last modified: 11 January 2021 at 11:28am

Police are urging dog walkers to take responsibility for their pets after 18 sheep were attacked and killed in a field near Northallerton.

Sometime between 4pm on Friday 8 January and 4.30pm on Saturday 9 January 2021 a  total of 18 sheep were attacked and killed, and more injured – most likely by a loose or out of control dog (or dogs).

The sheep were in a field between Warlaby and Ainderby Steeple, which has a public footpath running through it.

Police warning posters are being posted in the area where the attacks took place.

If you saw anything or have any information about this incident, please ring North Yorkshire Police on 101 and quote reference number 12210011661.

Dog walkers are urged to follow police advice to keep their pets and livestock safe:

  • When walking dogs in fields containing sheep it is vital that you keep dogs on leads at all times.
  • Loose dogs, regardless of how well behaved they would normally be, can get into the thrill of the chase and become uncontrollable very quickly.
  • Sheep can easily be injured or killed, or if pregnant ewes are chased around a field by a dog it can cause the ewe to abort unborn lambs and later die itself due to medical complications.
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