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CCTV appeal following theft from jewellers

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On 17 November 2018 at around 1.50pm, a man entered Market Cross Jewellers in the Market Place, Thirsk. The man snatched two rings out of a customer’s hand and ran out of the shop and down the street on foot. Police investigating the incident are appealing for information to try and help identify the man […]

SelectaDNA tagging spray deployed by North Yorkshire Police to catch law-breaking moped and off-road riders

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Already successfully deployed by 14 other police forces in the UK, officers will use the DNA spray to safely tag offenders who often have their faces covered while making off from the police. It marks the bikes, clothing and skin of riders and passengers with a uniquely-coded but invisible DNA that will provide forensic evidence […]

Caught drink driving? You could lose your licence by Christmas and spend 2019 banned from the roads

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Offenders are being dealt with swiftly by the police and justice system in a bid to get drink and drug drivers off the roads. Magistrates courts around the county are on standby and slots have been set aside so offenders can be dealt with promptly. Anyone convicted of drink driving receives an automatic driving ban. […]