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76% of hate crime reports to North Yorkshire Police are to report race hate crime

Last modified: 1 November 2017 at 10:16am

To mark National Hate Crime Awareness week and raise awareness of hate crime reporting, North Yorkshire Police have released details of the number and type of hate crime reports they have received over the past five years.

The force confirmed today that 76% of the hate crime reports made over the five year period have been to report race hate.

The type of race hate crimes reported range from people having racist abuse shouted at them in public places, having racist terms scratched into the paintwork of their car, racist graffiti written on walls and instances of criminal damage to business premises such as smashed windows.

Hate targeted at the LGBT community is the next most reported hate crime, making up 12.4% of reports, followed by disability hate crime being 5.8% of reports and religious hate crime being 5.3% of reports.

Since its launch in May 2017, the force has also received eight reports of gender based misogyny hate crime.

The number of hate crime reports has increased year on year since 2012 and year to date figures for 2017 have seen 282 reports being made.

Speaking about the reporting figures Supt Mark Khan, lead in force for hate crime said:

“Rather than the year on year increase in reports being indicative of instances of hate crimes increasing in number, the rise in the number of reports reflects the growing confidence of victims to no longer accept this intolerable behaviour and to come forward to the police.

“However, we recognise that there is lot more to do to encourage victims and witnesses to come forward and make that report. With the population of North Yorkshire being approx. 810,000 and the fact that over the past five years police have received 1,458 reports in total – we know that hate crime is a massively underreported crime.

“We need to continue to ensure the spotlight is shone on all the strands of hate crime and ensure victims know that they do not have to live with this abuse and can approach the police or organisations such as Stop Hate UK, True Vision or Supporting Victims in North Yorkshire to report it and receive support.”

Rose Simkins, Chief Executive of Stop Hate UK said:

“Stop Hate UK offers its 24/7 reporting service in North Yorkshire to report incidents of hate crime, in any of its forms, whether you are directly affected by the incident, a witness to an incident or a third party to an incident that could be a hate crime.

“It’s so important to recognise that any potential hate crime incident is reported to the correct parties, so that the right support can be offered. Stop Hate UK offers an independent reporting service and we will help and support you through the reporting process.

“Remember, hate crime can take on many forms – e.g. Race, Religion, Disability, Gender and LGBT – so let’s use National Hate Crime Awareness Week to really make a difference to hate crime awareness and reporting and help North Yorkshire in its quest to tackle hate crime by getting involved. Visit http://www.stophateuk.org/hate-crime-awareness-week  or http://www.northyorkshire.police.uk  for more information.”

Speaking about the importance of reporting hate crime Catriona Munster of York LGBT Forum said:

“Reporting hate crime gives visibility to its true extent, which helps the police better respond to it and keep people safe.”

Details of the organisations who can offer assistance to victims and witnesses of hate crime can be found online on the North Yorkshire Police website https://northyorkshire.police.uk/what-we-do/public-campaigns/say-no-hate-crime-national-hate-crime-awareness-week-14-21-october-2017/ or by going to Stop Hate UK https://www.stophateuk.org/ or True Vision http://www.report-it.org.uk/home or Supporting Victims in North Yorkshire http://www.supportingvictims.org/

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