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Police tackle “summertime surge” in drink and drug driving as 90 drivers are arrested

Last modified: 28 June 2019 at 10:17am

Ninety motorists have been arrested in North Yorkshire on suspicion of drink or drug driving in the past three weeks.

Police have been checking drivers around the clock and acting on intelligence about repeat offenders as part of their campaign to tackle a “summertime surge” in offending.

They are urging members of the public to report their suspicions about people who drive under the influence, saying “one call could be all it takes to save a life”.

They are also working with other organisations including North Yorkshire County Council as part of the 95 Alive partnership. Events will be held across the county in June and July to educate members of the public and reinforce prevention messages.

During the campaign, which is called Operation Attention and runs throughout June, police are conducting roadside checks at locations throughout North Yorkshire. Fourteen were arrested in the first weekend alone.

So far, just under half of the 90 arrested during the campaign have been charged and given court dates. Investigations are ongoing around many of the other cases, which may involve drug tests being analysed or further evidence gathered before a driver is charged.

Traffic Sergeant Andy Morton, of North Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Group, said: “Despite doing this job for many years, I’m still appalled when people think it’s okay to put lives at risk in this way. We see the carnage they cause and the devastation they leave behind.

“I’m sure any responsible road users will also be shocked by the fact that so many people still choose to drive after drinking or taking drugs.

“That’s why we’re encouraging them to call us with information about people they suspect are driving under the influence by dialling 101 – it’s one call and one chance to save someone’s life.

“If you see someone about to drive while intoxicated, or drunk or drugged behind the wheel, call 999 immediately.”

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Access and Road Safety  said: “ Tragically, many people still choose to drink and drive.  Every year in North Yorkshire there is an average of seven people killed and 120 injured in collisions involving a driver impaired by alcohol.

“The message is simple, if you are planning to drink, don’t drive and if you are planning to drive, don’t drink. There is no safe limit.

“Colleagues in the 95Alive partnership including the County Council and City of York Council will be holding public engagement events throughout July to remind people how reckless it is to drink and drive and how long it takes to be safe to drive after drinking. For example, just one pint of larger or one glass of wine needs at least 3 hours before driving. Stay fit to drive, don’t drink and drive.”


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