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Protecting yourself from phone scams

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Be vigilant: a genuine organisation like a bank or HMRC will never call you out of the blue and tell you that you owe money Ask questions: if you are in any doubt that the caller is a genuine organisation, hang up and ring back on the organisation’s listed contact number. If this is your […]

Ten ways to protect yourself and your car from being targeted in a car key burglary

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Perpetrators will often target the owners of high-value vehicles; ‘cruising’ around residential areas looking for opportunities to exploit their security and get to their keys. Whilst burglaries of this nature are uncommon in North Yorkshire, it is important that vehicle and home owners take simple prevention methods to deter potential thieves. The more difficult you make […]

Why everyone needs to support Operation Owl

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Why is it important that as many people support Operation Owl as possible? In many parts of the UK, birds of prey have been persecuted repeatedly for years, either by being shot, poisoned, or trapped. In some cases individual birds have been targeted several times, for example in our latest investigation into the death of […]

What’s what3words and why is it useful? A blog from our Inspector Mark Proctor

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Our Force Control Room began using the app when we found its simple address system was a useful tool in helping to find lost, injured or distressed people who did not know where they were. It’s now used by many other departments in the force including operations planning teams, search advisors and at scene guards. […]

Ten questions not to ask the police

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Can you give me directions to… It might seem ridiculous but our Communications Officers genuinely do receive calls from members of the public asking for directions to get to a particular place and sometimes even advice on where to park their cars when they get there! I’ve missed the last train home. Can someone give […]