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‘Nobody would survive being hit by a car at 82mph… Here’s how you can help us tackle speeding in your community’

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North Yorkshire Police recently released figures showing the fastest speed its safety camera vans recorded in a 30mph zone was 82mph, on Wetherby Road, Harrogate. No pedestrian would survive being hit by a car travelling at that speed, and death would probably be instantaneous. It’s a horrendous thought. Unfortunately, our officers see the aftermath of […]

10 top tips for staying safe this Halloween

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1. Some masks can obstruct vision, a potential danger, when crossing roads. Consider using face paints instead. 2. If your children are out on the streets, make sure they are wearing visible clothing – consider using reflective tape. 3. When trick or treating, Children should go out in groups, younger children should be accompanied by […]

Behind the Scenes: Modern Slavery

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Over the past three years the number of potential victims of modern slavery and human trafficking identified in North Yorkshire has risen significantly, this follows the national trend, which is believed to be due to the rise in awareness. Today (Thursday, 18 October) marks anti-slavery day which if another opportunity to raise awareness and highlight […]

Sticks and stones – a poem about hate crime by Sergeant Zoe Billings of North Yorkshire Police

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When asked about why she wanted to support hate crime awareness week Sergeant Billings said: “Hate crime awareness week is important as the impact of, not only the crime, but the motivation behind it, can be truly devastating. “Being treated differently because of essentially who you are can have profound negative effects on the victim, […]