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Warning to be vigilant for Covid vaccine scams

Posted on in Fraud

North Yorkshire Police has been made aware of a new scam where individuals are being approached through a text message or email with an offer of paying to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. If you receive any communication like this, do not click any links in the message and delete it immediately. The genuine vaccine is […]

Rise in ‘ghost broking’ frauds

Posted on in Fraud

North Yorkshire Police is receiving an increasing number of reports from residents falling victim to ‘ghost broking’ fraud in which car insurance is provided fraudulently by scammers. Residents may receive correspondence from an insurance company, thanking them for insuring their vehicle with them but the resident receiving the correspondence does not own the vehicle or […]

Renewed warning of scam callers as North Yorkshire residents targeted

Posted on in Fraud, News stories

North Yorkshire Police is issuing an urgent warning for the public to be vigilant for telephone scams after a North Yorkshire resident lost thousands of pounds to a caller claiming to be from HMRC and requesting payment for unpaid taxes. North Yorkshire Police Financial Abuse Safeguarding Officer, Andy Fox, said: “These type of scam calls […]

Over £300,000 recovered from accounts suspected of use in money laundering

Posted on in Fraud, News stories

After receiving information about a company that was suspected of laundering money from investment scams, North Yorkshire Police identified two business bank accounts which they believed held monies obtained through fraud. Using powers introduced in the Criminal Finances Act 2017, Account Freezing Orders (AFO’s) were obtained on both bank accounts and a frozen funds investigation […]