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Counter Terrorism Policing – Winter Vigilance campaign

Last modified: 22 December 2020 at 12:22pm

With the coronavirus pandemic impacting on our life and work every day, it is understandable that the threat from terrorism isn’t necessarily front of mind for everyone across the country.

But the threat of terrorism sadly has not gone away.                                      Counter Terrorism Policing logo

Given national and regional restrictions, compared to previous years, there may be a different look and feel to town and city centre locations over the festive season.

However, the recent terror attacks in Europe and the change in the UK’s terrorism threat level to SEVERE – meaning an attack is highly likely – are reminders of how important it is to stay vigilant wherever you are out and about.

Counter Terrorism Policing and all local police forces work throughout the year with businesses to give advice and guidance on safety and security measures.

But everyone has their part to play.

North Yorkshire Police is supporting Counter Terrorism Policing’s Winter Vigilance campaign to remind people to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity.

Winter Vigilance counter terrorism campaign

As with tackling coronavirus, defeating terrorism requires a collective community effort where police, security staff, retail workers and the public come together to minimise the chance of attacks.

The co-operation between the public and the police is a powerful defence against terrorism.

Together communities defeat terrorism.

The Winter Vigilance campaign aims to encourage the public to look out for suspicious behaviour and inform people how to report their concerns. This provides a ‘whole society’ approach where police, security staff, retail workers and the public come together to minimise the chance of attacks.

Detective Inspector Dave Edwards, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “The collective community effort to security will always be the most effective. We know a terrorist attack can happen anywhere and at any time.

“Everyone has their part to play and the Winter Vigilance campaign encourages everyone to remain alert while out and about, and to report anything suspicious to police, security or staff.

“By working alongside businesses, as well as the public, we can all help to keep each other safe.”

  • If you see or hear something suspicious, trust your instincts and ACT. Report it to a security staff or in confidence to the police online at uk/ACT. In an emergency always call 999.
  • To learn more about the role that you can play in defeating terrorism, free online training is available at https://www.gov.uk/government/news/act-awareness-elearning

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