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Dedicated to keeping North Yorkshire safe and secure

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A national crime report has confirmed that North Yorkshire is one of the safest places to live, work and visit.

The Office of National Statistics’ “Crime in England and Wales, year ending September 2014” report published today (22 January 2015), places the North Yorkshire Police area as the second lowest crime location in England.

This accounts for a marginal 1% rise in overall crime during the 12 months period, up 333 crimes compared to the previous year with a total of 34,615 crimes.

This increase can be broken down into a fall of 90 “Victim Based Crimes” and an increase of 423 Crimes Against Society, which includes drugs and public order offences and are strongly influenced by police proactively targeting offending.

Broken down into the main crime categories, the ONS figures for North Yorkshire show:
•Domestic Burglaries reduced by 5% (83 fewer incidents, 1,555 in total)
•incidents of criminal damage and arson dropped by 7.3% (420 fewer incidents, 5,301 in total)
•a 12% reduction in Offences Against Motor Vehicles (328 fewer incidents, 2,347 in total)
•Robbery increased by 9.8% (12 more incidents, 135 in total)
•3% decrease in Theft (543 fewer incidents, 17,634 in total). The majority of these were lower-level crimes such as cycle and shop-related thefts
•Sexual Offences up by 31.7% (210 more incidents dealt with, 872 in total). This rise is regarded as a positive reflection of the confidence victims have in North Yorkshire Police, particularly those making historical complaints. This was also influenced by Operation Yewtree and the opening of a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) in York
•Violence Against the Person up by 10.8% (651 more incidents, 6,693 in total). This rise is almost entirely attributable to the Violence without Injury category. This includes Common Assault and Harassment offences. A problem profile conducted on trends in this crime category in the Autumn showed improved recording following a recent HMIC inspection, an increase in historical reports, increased pro-activity around enforcement of orders, and improved victim confidence.
•Drug Offences increased by 9.4% (169 more incidents, 1,975 in total)
•Possession of Weapons Offences up by 38% (60 more incidents, 218 in total)
•Public Order Offences increased by 11.4% (131 more incidents, 1,284 in total)
•Crimes Against Society up by 14.3% (63 more incidents, 503 in total)

Reassuring for residents, more recent data between January to December 2014 has shown a positive position. This includes:
•All victim based crime has fallen by 1% (340 fewer crimes, 30,485 in total) with crimes against society such as drug and public order offences, where proactive policing strongly impacts on the numbers of crimes recorded, increasing by 10% (383 more crimes, 4033 in total).
•Burglary is down by 7% (303 fewer crimes, 3998 in total)
•Theft is down by 6% (1091 fewer crimes, 17306 in total)
•Criminal damage is down by 8% (454 fewer crimes, 5189 in total)
Chief Constable Dave Jones said: “North Yorkshire Police is continuing to perform very well and it is reassuring that our area remains one of the very safest and low-crime locations in the whole of England. I can’t thank our officers and staff enough for their outstanding dedication.

“It is encouraging that there is a greater reporting of crimes in the areas of domestic violence and sexual offences. The marginal increase is also a reflection of our proactivity, with Scarborough an example of this in relation to targeting drug offences.

“Together with the Police and Crime Commissioner and through continued effective partnership working across the county and region, we are determined to keep up the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour to ensure our communities are not only safe but feel safe.”

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “One of the key markers I have set down is for North Yorkshire Police is to keep our county in the top three safest places in England. I welcome today’s figures which show we are indeed the second safest place to live in England, and it is testament to the professionalism of police officers and staff who make it possible.”

“But statistics don’t tell the whole story. I want to continue to see a rise in reports of domestic and sexual abuse and Hate Crime because it is a signal of greater trust in policing. So whilst this is good news, I will continue to ensure the focus of policing is in providing support for and protecting the most vulnerable people in our community.”

Last modified: May 9, 2018