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Drivers of high-powered vehicles warned to ‘power down’ as police operation steps up

Last modified: 8 June 2021 at 09:08am

Police motorbike in the foreground with police car in backgroundNorth Yorkshire Police is taking a zero tolerance approach to tackling the antisocial driving of high-powered vehicles in Harrogate town centre this summer.

Officers from Neighbourhood Policing will be working alongside Roads Policing colleagues to crack down on the irresponsible behaviour of some drivers which is not only unsafe but also highly disruptive.

Operation Chrome was launched in summer 2020 and will see increased police patrols in particular hot spots, speed cameras in use across the town, vehicle stops and checks and detailed reviewing of CCTV footage.

Police have so far handed out three traffic offence reports in Harrogate and one section 59 warning for antisocial driving behaviour.

Superintendent Steve Thomas has this message:

“Each year as the weather improves we see a surge in the number of vehicles driving antisocially around the town centre. Often these are high-powered cars, with many instances of speeding and excessive acceleration – both of which put public safety at risk.

“Harrogate town centre is frequented by many residents and visitors of all ages and everyone should be able to enjoy themselves without fearing for their safety or having their days blighted by excessive noise from these vehicles.

“We are taking a zero tolerance approach to this dangerous behaviour. Rest assured if you receive a warning and continue driving irresponsibly, we will be watching and your vehicle will be seized.”


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