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Inspector Andy Short: quarterly update on local policing in Filey and Eastfield

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Andy is the Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for Filey and Eastfield. He has served with North Yorkshire Police for 23 years and has been on his Neighbourhood Policing team approximately seven years.



With summer fast approaching, here he provides an update on local policing activities in the area.

Rural crimes

The Eastfield and Filey Team have a dedicated Rural Team comprising of one police officer and two PCSOs, who are supported by the North Yorkshire Police Rural Taskforce to tackle crime in the area, provide crime prevention advice, drop-in sessions for residents and dealing with ASB from off-road vehicles, amongst other things.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

Dealing with ASB and criminal damage remains a priority in the Eastfield area and our team is currently working alongside Eastfield Town Council and Scarborough Borough Council to develop a CCTV network in the town which is linked back to Scarborough CCTV. This will deter offenders from committing ASB and damage, as well as providing evidence to enable police to prosecute those who break the law. The Eastfield team is also looking to start pub watch / shoplink radio system for Eastfield, Crossgates, Seamer, Cayton and Osgodby to assist businesses in managing issues at various locations in the area, which will be linked to police and Scarborough CCTV. We will keep you updated as this progresses!

Filey Holiday Parks

In the height of summer there is a weekly turnaround of approximately 75,000-85,000 people attending the various holiday parks in the Filey area which can often result in increased demand on the police. To ensure the security teams and police work effectively together we support Scarborough Borough Council’s Community Impact Team with delivery training to staff at the various parks.


Speeding continues to be an issue in the Filey area and the local Community and Police group have asked for help from the wider community in tackling this issue. Local people are submitting ideas to the group and once collected this matter will be taken to other agencies. Our local Neighbourhood Police Teams continue to conduct speed enforcement in the area.

Community Impact Team

Both our teams have been busy working with Scarborough’s Community Impact Team (CIT), which is comprised of representatives from various agencies including North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Street Triage Mental Health Services, housing associations and many others.

The CIT allows for anti-social behaviour, crime and vulnerability to be identified and dealt with in a co-ordinated and efficient way, ensuring that the appropriate agency resources are deployed to incidents in a timely manner. This multi-agency problem solving approach has helped to free up police officer time to deal with other demands within our communities. This also means that anyone reporting incidents see that their issues are acknowledged and dealt with, regardless of who may be the most appropriate agency to do so.

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Last modified: May 2, 2019