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Man arrested after suspected stolen quad bike and go-carts found in Northallerton

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Police have seized a suspected stolen quad bike and go-carts, and arrested a man in connection with their theft in Northallerton.

Officers on duty in an unmarked car noticed suspicious activity in the town at about 12.45pm on Sunday 19 April 2020.

They located a man near a garage containing a number of go-carts and a large amount of other items. He was challenged, and arrested by officers on suspicion of theft and handling stolen goods.

Three racing go-carts – two coloured red and black, one coloured black and blue – and a stripped-down quad bike were seized, along with a number of power tools and sports equipment. Efforts are ongoing to establish where they are from.

The 50-year-old suspect was released under investigation while those enquiries continue.

Small vehicles, like quad bikes, are often specifically targeted by thieves, in spite of the coronavirus restrictions. People who own such vehicles are urged to check the security of their vehicles:

  • Park as close to your premises as possible, ideally in a locked outbuilding with CCTV and security lighting, preferably out of sight from nearby roads.
  • Remove keys when not in use, and do not leave them near the quad.
  • Fit a GPS tracking device.
  • Secure with wheel clamps and/or locking posts, and consider an alarm.
  • Mark or customise your quad so it is easily identifiable.
  • Keep a record of all vehicles, including photographs and serial numbers.

Earlier this month, Inspector Matt Hagen, of North Yorkshire Police’s Rural Taskforce, said: “With lambing season in full swing, many farmers rely on their quads for their work at this time of year. And with restrictions in place due to coronavirus, it’s more important than ever that farmers can keep working to put food on our tables. So we’ll continue to target thieves who come to North Yorkshire looking to steal quads, and I’d ask people to continue to contact us with information about suspicious activity.”

Last modified: April 23, 2020