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Meet our loopy and loving explosive detection search dog Isla

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We asked one of our Dog Handlers, PC Gareth Gummerson to tell us about his police dog Isla and here’s what he had to say.

“Isla’s a three-year-old Springer Spaniel and  was gifted to North Yorkshire Police two years ago.

“She joined me 18 months ago and now lives in the Selby District with PD Dixon and the rest of our family.

“Her initial training took seven weeks and she specialises in explosive detection.

“I’m most proud of her when we’re working alongside close protection teams ensuring the safety of dignitaries. In fact, one of the strangest job we’ve ever worked on together on was searching the Prime Minister`s coach.

“One thing most people don’t realise about police dogs and their handlers is that we operate behind the scenes, sometimes unannounced, searching venues, routes, vehicles etc prior to VIP`s arriving.

“Isla has a very difficult and serious role to carry out but is a pleasure to work with. If I had to describe her in three words I’d say she’s loopy, high drive, and loving.

“Her favourite thing to do inside of work is to search for explosives which in turn means reward and play. When she’s outside of work she loves to search for rabbits or play with her favourite toy, her ball.”

“Finally, the thing I love most about Isla is her loving nature and when the day comes for her to retire she will hopefully be able to retire to me.

Last modified: February 9, 2018