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Blog: Meet NYP apprentice Lucy Marshall

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Lucy is working as a Resourcing Administrator in an apprentice role at North Yorkshire Police.

Blog: Meet NYP apprentice Lucy Marshall

In this first post, Lucy charts her nerve-wracking journey from application to interview, and her first few weeks working alongside Talent and Resourcing colleagues.

My name is Lucy, I’m 20, and the very first apprentice within the HR Department here at Headquarters. My role here is Resourcing Administrator. Previously I worked for a bus advertising company in Ripon as an Admin and Marketing Assistant, but with only 14 of us in the office there, NYP has been a huge but exciting change for me!

In my spare time I spend time with my family and friends, eating out (a little too much) and binge watching on Netflix.

Why did you want to work for NYP?

From a young age I have had a passion for working with and helping others, but never could really decide what it was that I wanted to do. Initially my interest was the Force Control Room, so I decided to take on a voluntary role which had a very similar aspect, and realised it wasn’t for me! Having gained customer service skills and working with a variety of people at my part-time job, Superdrug, and enjoying administrative work in an office environment in my Admin and Marketing role, I decided that the Resourcing Administrator job was really well suited to me, as it involved working closely with a variety of people, providing customer service and showcasing administrative skills!

How did you find the process from application through to interview?

I originally applied for the role through a training provider. Not long after I was invited for an interview. I booked my train tickets and the day off work. Unfortunately the weather decided to have a tantrum and thunderstorm, ruining my lovely curled hair (which I had forgotten to hairspray!).

I arrived at the train station and immediately went to the café and had a slice of cake and hot chocolate. With two hours to kill I was building up my nerves, not only for the interview, but to find the building!

I popped in to WH Smith and spent £8 on an umbrella to try save my hair. The interview was at 1pm. At 12.15pm I decided to put on my Google Maps and make my way to the building – two minutes in and I was lost and my umbrella had broken… My hair was a mess, I wasted £8 on an umbrella that didn’t work, and my train home had been delayed.

How did I find the interview experience?

I was really excited for my interview after previously speaking with Kasia over the phone, however really anxious as I had no idea what to expect. I arrived at Headquarters where I was introduced to Rachel. After taking the stairs to the second floor I tried to catch my breath back before Johnathon introduced himself. After meeting both Rachel and Johnathon my nerves calmed down and I was more excited to see what the interview would bring. 45 minutes later I made my way back home and was feeling more confident. Just a couple hours later, Rachel called and had some great news, I got the job!

And how about the process from interview to start date?

I was so eager to start at North Yorkshire Police and start my new journey. I left my current job, which was a sad but exciting time, and enjoyed two weeks of relaxing and binge-watching Netflix before my first day. Rachel and Kasia often called me to update me on my pre-employment checks – this felt like forever, but my two weeks holiday had finished and I was starting the following Monday! I was excited and eager more than anything. The nerves hit on Sunday evening , but I couldn’t wait to get involved and meet the team.

What were your first few weeks at NYP like as an apprentice?

10am came round really quickly and Rachel greeted me. We had a catch-up before going up to the office to meet the team. My first day went really well, but  it was a whirlwind – it felt as though there was so much to take in and so many names to remember. After the first couple of days I started to shadow my peers and get involved with my own tasks. I had lots of training sessions and an experience to get involved and meet everyone. I’ve now been working for NYP for almost two months and I’m really getting to grips with everything.

What’s the team like?

The Talent and Resourcing team have made me feel so warm and welcome, and it feels as though I’ve been working for this team much longer than I have! I like to ask a lot of questions and if I am unsure about something I wouldn’t hesitate to ask – the team are always able to help and assist me, and are very encouraging.

So what exactly is your apprenticeship?

I’m really excited to begin my journey at NYP as an apprentice for the Talent and Resourcing Team. My apprenticeship is with B-PRO, who are based in Stokesley, but provide workshops around North Yorkshire and the Teesside/Middlesbrough area. I’ll be doing Level 3 Human Resources and CIPD Level 3 for the next 18 months. Once every six weeks I will be attending a workshop and then submitting my assignments to my tutor, Tracey, who will be visiting for one-to-one sessions and progress reviews regularly.

I feel very lucky to have been given this experience as I get to work closely with the Talent and Resourcing Team, alongside being trained and gaining new skills within HR and putting these to practice.

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Last modified: May 15, 2019