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Men cautioned for possession of wild birds

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Two men have received police cautions after being found in possession of two goldfinches whilst in the Seamer area of Scarborough

 An adult goldfinch (Credit RSPCA)

North Yorkshire Police Rural and Wildlife Crime Officer Graham Bilton and RSPCA officers seized two caged goldfinches from the men who admitted to the illegal possession and control of the wild birds.

On examination, the birds were found to have recent damage to their plumage and were behaving in an agitated manner. On expert advice, it became clear that their behaviour demonstrated they had recently been captured from the wild.

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, it is an offence to be in possession or control of any wild bird but police have seen a number of instances of goldfinches being trapped and sold.

PC Graham Bilton said: “All wild birds, their eggs and nests are protected by law within the UK with very few exceptions. Despite this, a small number of individuals still deem it acceptable to kill, injure or take birds from the wild. North Yorkshire is particularly rich in native fauna and flora and North Yorkshire Police are committed to combating wildlife crime which has such a detrimental impact on our county.

“Thankfully these two goldfinches have now been released back into the wild where they belong.”

North Yorkshire Police have a number of specially trained Wildlife Officers and members of the public are encouraged to report any concerns regarding wildlife to the police by calling 101.

Last modified: July 25, 2019