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Nervous, heart pounding, deep breath… Pinki’s first day in uniform – special blog #12

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Friday 17 March 2017, I parked outside Selby police station, my heart was pounding and I was feeling really nervous.

Nervous, heart pounding, deep breath… Pinki’s first day in uniform – special blog #12

I took a deep breath before I got out of my car, it had been two weeks since my attestation ceremony and I was now about to actually do my first shift as a special constable!

I was met by one of my sergeants who instantly made me feel very welcome and at ease. I had a station tour and met other officers on shift

I was then given my full uniform to try on which I have to admit is going to take some serious getting used to. I popped my radio earpiece in and I was ready! I took a quick look in the mirror and it was really strange to see myself dressed in full uniform but I also felt a sense of pride knowing id finally made it to this point.

As soon as I was ready I was crewed with a regular officer who was instantly welcoming and really helped calm my nerves. She talked me through all the jobs we attended that night and really encouraged me to get involved – which was exactly what I needed!

I’ve done several shifts since then, managing to do 16 to 20 hours and more where possible. I can already say I’ve had some challenging shifts where I’ve definitely felt out of my depth but with the support of the other officers on shift I’ve got through them.

I had a great opportunity to get involved and help police the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race which was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it showed me a different side of policing which unfortunately you don’t always get to see. It was great to meet and engage with the public and be a part of a huge local event.

It’s now been two months and I’ve tried to do as many shifts as possible but juggling life and a full time job has been difficult to say the least, but you somehow manage to find the time if it’s something you really want to do.

The more shifts I’ve done the more my confidence has grown but I’m still very much at the learning stage. It’s certainly made it easier that everyone at Selby station has been great, very warm and welcoming. The officers I’ve been on duty with have guided me through the shifts and I’ve genuinely felt part of the policing family. I’m looking forward to doing more shifts and building up both my experience and confidence.

Last modified: June 13, 2017