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North Yorkshire Police launches initiative to help protect the silent victims of Domestic Abuse

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Operation Encompass is a joint initiative which involves North Yorkshire Police (NYP) and City of York Children’s Safeguarding Board working together with an aim of ensuring appropriate safeguarding and support is provided to children caught up in incidents of domestic abuse.

This initiative will see Safeguarding Officers from NYP sharing  information with identified key adults in schools, following incidents of domestic abuse where a child between the ages of four and eighteen years of age has been directly involved or has been a witness or present.

Following a successful pilot in York starting in January 2017, North Yorkshire Police (NYP) and the City of York Safeguarding Children Board is pleased to announce that Operation Encompass will be rolled out to all schools in York this week.

All schools will write to parents to inform them of this initiative.

DCI Allan Harder, Deputy Head of Safeguarding at NYP said:

“Domestic Abuse ruins lives. The impact can be far reaching and effect many individuals, not just those immediately involved. Children are often the unseen victims of domestic abuse and the impact upon them can be significant and long lasting.

“Operation Encompass is the sharing of information with key safeguarding individuals in schools, who can ensure any necessary support needed for the child is provided.

“Safeguarding Officers from North Yorkshire Police will identify all domestic incidents in which a child has been involved, witnessed or present, and ensure the key individual at the child’s school is informed prior to the start of the following school day.

“This can only be a positive in supporting children across York, and will help to reduce the impact domestic abuse can have on them.”

Simon Westwood, Independent Chair of the City of York Safeguarding Children Board said; “Children are often the hidden victims of domestic abuse. They wrongly often feel a responsibility to protect a parent or carer. Operation Encompass will enable schools to provide early support for children and young people while other agencies intervene to tackle the abuse.”

At present, Operation Encompass includes all schools, both primary and secondary, in York. Work is underway to incorporate independent schools in York and across the county.

NYP is also working with North Yorkshire County Council to include all schools across North Yorkshire and it is hoped this will be rolled out later in 2017.

For more information, visit www.operationencompass.org

Last modified: March 15, 2017