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‘One in a billion’ DNA find lands burglar in jail

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A burglar has been jailed after North Yorkshire Police was able to track him down thanks to DNA left on a security light at a home he burgled.

Pictured: Five years in jail for burglar caught after “one in a billion” DNA find – 24 year-old Bradley Dyer

Bradley Dyer, 24 (pictured), has been jailed for five years for burglary at two addresses in Sherburn in Elmet last year.

At around 2.30am on 7 January 2019 Dyer broke into a home on Pasture Way in the village via a UPVC door at the back of the property.

After grabbing two sets of car keys, he and an accomplice stole two Mercedes cars which were parked on the driveway outside.

Around the same time, a second home on the same street was broken into and car keys from inside the property and a BMW 420 parked on the driveway were stolen.

CCTV footage at the first address showed two men getting in to the two Mercedes. Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) examined the address and obtained a DNA sample from a security light. Tests later revealed it generated a “one in a billion match” to Dyer’s DNA

After the BMW from the second property was recovered by police, DNA, which was found on a screwdriver recovered from the front passenger seat, was also found to match Dyer’s DNA.

One of the Mercedes from the first address was never recovered.

Dyer was arrested and refused to comment to all questions during police interviews but was charged with two burglaries and three vehicle thefts.

After pleading guilty, Dyer, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to five years in prison at York Crown Court on Friday 7 February 2020, to be served concurrent to an eight-year sentence already being served. He was also ordered to pay a victims surcharge of £170.00.

Police Investigator Dave Pegg, one of the Burglary Coordinators for North Yorkshire Police said:

“Waking up to discover that someone had broken into your home, especially whilst your young child had been asleep upstairs is one of the most terrifying and distressing things that can happen to a person. The psychological impact of being burgled is long lasting and can take years for victims to recover and feel safe again in their homes.

“Even though Dyer refused to take any responsibility for his crimes until the final hour, the DNA found at the crime scene produced a positive result – in the end it brought him to justice.

“Whilst no sentence can ever undo the suffering that Dyer caused his victims that night I know that the fact that he is serving a total of eight years imprisonment will bring them some relief that justice has been served and that he remains behind bars for a considerable amount of time

What to do if you have been burgled

Ring 999 if you believe the offender is still in your house or has just run away; if not use the 101 number. You will be given a crime number to quote in an insurance claim, or if you want to contact police with any follow-up queries.

Try to preserve the crime scene for any forensic evidence that may be of use to the police. If possible, do not touch anything or allow your children or pets into the same rooms that the burglar has been in.

For more advice visit northyorkshire.police.uk/homesecurity


Last modified: June 15, 2020