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Operation Paceline - UCI 2019 Road World Championships

Paceline is the police operation that is in place after months of meticulous planning between North Yorkshire Police and our partner organisations. Our top priority is making sure everybody attending the races and other events connected to the championships has a great time and stays safe.



The UCI event is taking place from 22 -29 September, with races starting from various points throughout the county and all finishing in Harrogate.

This is our dedicated page for information about the race days and how you can help to ensure your safety and the safety of others during what will be a spectacular event for the whole of Yorkshire.

Click here to find out everything you need to know about locations and start times, where to watch the races, as well as information about road closures that could affect you.




Project Servator

This is a tactic that sees the unpredictable deployment of both highly visible and covert police officers alongside other resources such as police dogs, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, firearms officers, and CCTV at events and in busy areas such as town centres.

These deployments can pop up at any time, with officers specially trained to deter, disrupt and detect a range of crimes from pickpocketing to terrorism.

Servator officers will be present at all the UCI events to make sure everyone has an enjoyable and safe time.

Click here to find out more about Project Servator.



If you see anything out of place or anyone acting suspiciously in the build up to or during the event, please report it immediately.

If something doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts and ACT.

Click here to find out what you can and should do to prevent an attack.


No-fly zone

In order to protect public safety and stay within the law, hobbyist and recreational drone users must comply with the Drone Code at all times. That means that under the Air Navigation Order, drones must not be flown within 150 metres, and never over, any already built up areas or those areas which become congested along routes of the UCI  Road World Championships.

In non-congested areas, it is against the law to fly drones within 50 metres of any structure, person, vehicle or vessel which is not under the control of the drone operator.

A no-fly zone will be in operation around Harrogate itself, which will prohibit all flights below 3,000 feet at certain times. Drone pilots should check NOTAM (Notice to Airman) and other relevant resources before flying, which are all available online. https://dronesafe.uk/drone-code/

The police will investigate reports of drones being flown either in contravention of the temporary airspace restriction or the Air Navigation Order.


Safety Top Tips

  • Plan your journey and leave plenty of time to avoid traffic and overcrowding.
  • Check for road closures that could affect your journey.
  • Only park in designated areas.
  • Lock vehicles and keep valuables out of sight.
  • Keep personal belongings and bags close by in busy areas.
  • Secure bikes properly.
  • Be aware of who and what is around you.
  • Report any inappropriate or suspicious behaviour to a steward or police immediately.