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Our statement regarding the Independent Police Complaints Commission figures issued 2 February 2015

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On 2 February the IPCC issued national figures about police complaints. The report for North Yorkshire Police shows many positive indicators.

Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick said:

“We welcome the latest statistics from the Independent Police Complaints Commission which are a positive reflection of the way North Yorkshire Police ethically record and assiduously investigate complaints reported to the force.

“It is of note that where a person has appealed the outcome of a complaint, at 25%, the rate upheld by the IPCC is considerably lower in North Yorkshire compared to the national average of 46%. An indication that more complaints are appropriately investigated and resolved by the force.

“The report is a positive indicator for North Yorkshire Police and should reassure members of the public that when they make complaints they will be appropriately resolved or investigated .

“North Yorkshire Police also prides itself on the strict compliance with the complaint recording rules set out in the Independent Police Complaints Commission’s Statutory Guidance, which is reflected in the higher-than-average number of complaints the force’s Professional Standards Unit deals with.

“It is also important to understand that the majority of complaints against members of North Yorkshire Police are of a minor nature and resolved locally and it should be noted that the North Yorkshire Police performance in respect of the local resolution of complaints (62%) is better than the national average (33%) by a significant margin.

“With local resolution promoted by the IPCC as the outcome most likely to lead to complainant satisfaction, this is a significant achievement for North Yorkshire Police.

“A swift resolution is also important when it comes to dealing with complaints and again, North Yorkshire Police’s performance is higher than average with the force finalising 529 complaint cases in an average of 82 working days, compared to an England and Wales average of 101 working days.

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